Oil and gas


    The oil and gas industry has high standards of safety and function, both on and offshore. These are businesses that handle flammable and explosive items, which require special equipment. TC Connect delivers products that are ATEX-classified for use in these environments.

    TC Connect deliver solutions, products and services to the oil and gas industry, both on and offshore.
    The oil and gas industry is very cost-conscious, but imposes strict requirements on equipment and documentation. In addition, the equipment should be used in areas with combustible substances that can create an explosive atmosphere with air. Measures must be taken to prevent ignition of this atmosphere and to prevent the spread of any explosion initiated.
    Operators of installations where there are explosive areas must ensure that the equipment they use has built in the necessary protection methods.

    TC Connect delivers products and equipment tailored to the tough and challenging operating environment and we have a product range that is ATEX certified.


    In the oil and gas sector, you work in some of the hardest environments with heavy machinery on offshore platforms with flammable gases, vapors and liquids. The workers deserve the best and safest communication solutions available in the market. We provide a range of secure reliable communication solutions for hazardous environments (Ex areas) based on TETRA, DMR or analog systems.

    Terminals and accessories

    In the harsh environment of the oil sector, only the best is good enough. We deliver ATEX approved terminals and accessories from Motorola, Savox and 3M Peltor. For further product information, please contact us or visit our webshop



    We can offer project management, design, installation and commissioning in addition to service and support. TC Connect has a large service and engineering department. Our personnel have all the necessary qualifications and certifications for installation and service both offshore and onshore.

    Control room

    Oil and gas environments require the ability to coordinate and communicate with widely distributed resources to ensure safe and efficient operation, as well as to protect the environment. From platform to port, Zetron’s integrated console systems are the leading solution that helps coordinate assets involved in manufacturing, bulk handling operations and port transport. Our solutions improve situational awareness and provide centralized management with site-specific procedures for fast coordinated response to emergencies. With lightning-changing technology, our scalable and interoperable platforms allow businesses to expand cost-effectively.