Diginet is a subscription based radio network. As a subscriber you will have access to a future-oriented radio connection without having to invest in your own infrastructure.

    As the only supplier in Norway, TC Connect has a commercial TETRA network. This network is available to anyone who wants a safe and professional radio network for critical communication. A digital radio network provides secure and effective communication for businesses and organizations.

    Diginet uses TETRA radio technology. Services offered in Diginet are one-to-one communication, group communication, messages and emergency and emergency communications. Services in Diginet contribute to safe and efficient communication.


    Diginet offers temporary and fixed subscriptions.

    A subscription to Diginet provides access to the following services:

    Individual call, one-to-one
    Group conversation, one-to-many

    Radio and accessories

    We deliver radios and accessories from:



    Diginet currently has coverage in Oslo and large parts of Akershus. The coverage will be extended to cover the entire country.


    Tore Volden, Director Product and technic
    Phone: +47 992 71 017
    E-mail: tore.volden(at)