Safety, fast response time and sound quality are essential for radio systems to be reliable and cost-effective for users. TC Connect offers all types of terminals from globally leading manufacturers. Our range includes everything from handheld to portable devices, to base stations and pagers with or without ATEX classification. Our main suppliers are Motorola and Airbus.



    A radio system consist of infrastructure, as base stations, control rooms and user equipment such as terminals (portable and mobile radios). With the customer we put together communication solutions that fit their requirements and needs.
    Quality and secure communication are important keywords for closed-line users.
    With our cutting edge expertise and long experience, we design a secure and efficient communication system that connects all users to simplify and support work processes.


    Terminals and accessories

    We supply all kinds of radioterminals and accessories from the leading manufacturers in the world. Our product range covers both handhelds, car radios, pagers and explosion-proof equipment (ATEX) for extreme environments.

    Our main suppliers are:


    Control room

    TC Connect has long experience with integrating products and solutions with the most advanced and user-friendly control room environments. We have proprietary solutions and close collaboration with leading control room manufacturers and we find the best solution for our customers.
    Will deliver control rooms from:


    Tunnelcommunication and extended coverage

    We provide complete communications solutions for tunnels and other areas where extended coverage for wireless communication is needed. Our solutions are based on use of transponders, repeaters and fiber optic distribution, which expands radio coverage to areas without coverage. This is typically indoors in building complexes, parking facilities, mines, industrial facilities as well as road and rail tunnels.

    We have solutions that range from FM, DAB+, analogue and digital radio communication broadcasting in all frequency ranges.



    We can offer project management, design, installation and commissioning in addition to service and support. TC Connect has a large service and engineering department. Our personnel have all the necessary qualifications and certifications for installation and service offshore and onshore.


    Automatic Number Plate Recognition – ANPR. The system is designed to provide a total solution for vehicle monitoring and control and is also easy to operate.


    TC Connect is an authorized supplier of terminals and accessories for Nødnett. Our products are available in our webshop. Approved users can access.
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