Biometry creates new opportunities

Within biometric security, there are many different methods for identifying, verifying and storing an identity. In TC Connect, we collaborate with leading suppliers of products and systems for handheld / blood vessel and fingerprint recognition. With biometric security systems, your physical characteristics become a way of identifying you. You always have a key that can not be lost or copied.
Today, there is an increasing demand for biometric security and access systems from a number of industries, such as industry, defense, offices and banks. We can handle large projects such as airport systems, but also smaller applications such as Authorized Driver Access System (ADAS), where our products ensure that only one specific driver can drive a particular vehicle.

Our systems meet needs within:

  • Higher security
  • Better availability
  • Simple, tested and user-friendly time and attendance system.

We are exclusive representatives of the following trademarks in the field of fingerprint and blood vessel scanning in the Nordic market:

  • TechSphere (Sør-Korea)
  • Invixium (Canada)
  • Biodit (Spania/Bulgaria)

We also have close collaboration with two of the world’s leading companies on 2D and 3D Face Recognition, VisionLabs and IDWise

A safer life with biometric safety

Biometric safety technology has gone from being futuristic eating technology to being part of our everyday life. We use fingerprints to identify us on mobile phones and computers, and biometric passports are becoming increasingly common when we travel. At TC Connect, we already have long experience with this innovative technology, and we can put together very safe and user-friendly comprehensive solutions for our customers.

A contact for all your security needs

Biometric technique is a wide area with many customization options. The technique can increase your level of security, but also make it easy for users to identify themselves in a fast and reliable manner. TC Connect can serve as a comprehensive partner, from idea, planning and choice of technology, to installation, deployment and evaluation. Read more about our suppliers and customers on the right!